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Virtual world

It’s fun ! I remember my daugher played the SimCity when she was about 6. Ironically it helped her to build some sense of reality.

It has great potential as a effective educative medium, especially in high education, e.g. Imperial College’s one for medical students.



Very good, very convenient when I am away from my usual PC.


At the moment I am not sure about Facebook or any social networking tools. It is very time consuming. I even asked my daughter to close her account with Myspace–am I too conservative?


I like to use RSS, I found it very useful. I was interested in the exhbition ‘China Designe Now’ in V&A. RSS fed me articles, comments and even images that are related to the exhibition, it saved me geat deal of time.


Yes, Wiki seems a good way to talk and to discuss issues.

Web 2.0 blog

I had no idea about “blog”. Now, in this first day trianing I tried “MSN massenger” and created my own “blog” !

It is quite fun !!

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!